Effortless Halloween costume ideas for bearded men

With Halloween just around a corner, choosing a unique costume could be tricky. Facial hair could be both at advantage and disadvantage when deciding on a costume. Bushy beard would be a perfect fit for a Viking or Aquaman costume, but won’t work for Superman or Joker. Either way, a Halloween costume is a must for Halloween parties and even office events.

Heavy-duty Halloween costume inspirations for bearded men

If you are a super creative type, and Halloween is one of your favourite holidays, you’ve probably already prepared your costume. But if you are not into putting so much effort into dressing up, then you need a simple yet effective costume idea.

Halloween costume ideas for bearded men


What if you are just not into dressing up this year?

Italian jewelry brand Krato Milano has a perfect Halloween solution for you. We specialize in unique beard jewelry in the shapes of skulls, swords, spartan helmets, viking hammers, crystals, etc. These bad boys easily clip onto the beard and will effortlessly make you look Halloween ready.

Swords beard jewellery Halloween costume for bearded men

Warrior swords beard piercing Halloween costume for a man with facial hair

Sophisticated Halloween costume for an office party

Not sure how to dress up for an office Halloween party? No need to come to work wearing a silly Halloween costume. Simply put on classy or a casual outfit and complete your look with a Skull or Swords beard jewelry from Krato Milano. A hat and a Crystal in the beard or a dark suit with a silver Skull in the beard will look very sophisticated for an office event. 

Stylish Halloween costume for the office party

Krato Milano classy crystals for the beard


Last minute costume idea for a Halloween party

Dressing up for a Halloween party is a must, even if you are not feeling up for it. So, let your beard do the talking. Low-key dark outfit with unique Halloween themed piercing in the beard would be an effective costume.

Skull beard piercing is a simple Halloween idea for a bearded men


Be a cool dad when going trick or treating with the kids

You probably weren’t planning to dress up when taking your kid(s) trick or treating. Be a cool dad and put yourself in a Halloween mood with beard jewelry!

Going trick or treating with a family, dressing up with a crystal in the beard

Spartan beard piercing for a Halloween costume


Last minute DIY Halloween costume that takes 10 min to put together

Halloween zombie costume idea for a bearded man

Follow these easy costume tips:

- Pick dark and random things from your closet, preferably something ripped

- Get your hands on your partners, sister, daughters make-up case and borrow some smoky eye-shadow for under eyes and lipstick for the blood stains

- Spice up your look with a skull or swords beard jewelry in the beard

 Your easy to make zombie costume will take 10 min to put together!