LUFO x Krato Milano — a skincare innovation that makes men feel less alienated

Krato Milano is partnering with One Pure World to support its latest product launch LUFO face sponge. 

You might have noticed that the majority of skincare products are aimed at women, as if men don’t need to cleanse their skin, too. Well, how about a multifunctional charcoal infused face sponge that was specifically developed with men’s resilient skin in mind?

LUFO was launched to break the stigma and hurl stereotypes into outer space, which is a perfect reason for a collaboration!

LUFO stands for "Love UFO" and looks like a flying saucer. This innovative face sponge is made not only for a skincare routine, but also to freshen up after a jog or gym.

Men’s skin is thicker, tougher and oilier, and is precisely why (m)aliens should be washing their face, too. This charcoal sponge is ideal for men as its gentle, yet deep-cleaning, abilities provide a perfect balance between pristine and rugged.

LUFO face sponge infused with charcoal cleans the skin before shaving

Something for men to keep in mind is, washing your face before you shave is essential. Any oil, dry skin and dirt on your face will make it difficult for the razor-blade to glide smoothly over your skin, affecting the quality of your shave.

Activated charcoal cleans the skin by removing oil, debris and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It can also temporarily shrink the look of pores for smoother-looking complexion. 

LUFO charcoal infused face sponge is very effective to clean men's skin

LUFO was launched on Kickstarter crowdfunded platform and has reached its funding goal in less than 24h. Backers who are pre-ordering LUFO will receive it before its official launch in February 2023. 

Check out LUFO on Kickstarter

Young man using LUFO face sponge and how it expands in water