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HERO Beard Crystal

Regular price $51.00

Beard is a visual display of dignity, style, and uniqueness which makes for a perfect canvas of self-expression. HERO beard crystal is a unique way of decorating the beard with a settle sparkle.

- Size: Diameter 0.6 cm

- Finish: 14K gold-plated

- Ideal for medium and big beard

- Free worldwide shipping

- Designed and hand assembled in Italy

- Shop it on Etsy 

Triangular spiral is designed to twist into the beard hair to secure the crystal in the beard. The spiral has been tested on variety of beards and holds strong on at least 5cm+ beard hair length. However, it is not recommended for smooth beard hair.

Please note that each jewelry is hand finished in our Milan studio, therefore no two beard jewels are exactly the same - making each one special and unique. 

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