Krato is a stylish Italian brand that offers one-of-a-kind jewelry items to individuals who want not only to stand out of the crowd, but also to be ahead of the crowd!

Krato is the only brand that specializes in jewelry designed exclusively for the beard. This novel jewelry is dedicated to beardsmen who express their individuality in eccentric, yet sophisticated ways. Beard is a visual display of dignity, style, and uniqueness which makes for a perfect canvas of self-expression.

Krato beard jewels could be spotted around the world! Every new purchase is marked on the map. Help us bring beard jewels to the most exotic destinations, and see your Krato jewel appear on the map!

Customer Reviews 


    José (México) ~ HERO beard crystal 

"Que mejor forma de dar mayor estilo a mi barba que con mi Hero Crystal beard, gracias Krato por esta gran idea"


    Dachaz, Carnival of Flesh lead singer (Serbia) ~ Custom beard jewel

"I was thrilled when I saw Krato’s campaign. Since this happened in the same period I was preparing the first major concert of our band, I immediately knew that I needed to have our logo made into a beard jewel as a part of my outfit. About two weeks before the concert, the jewel arrived; and it was simply stunning. The attaching mechanism takes some getting used to, but it holds really well — so well that I was able to headbang generously throughout the gig without losing the jewel — it just rotated itself a bit. Needless to say, most people were amazed by the jewel and have said that they love it as much as I do"

LINK to the concert with the beard jewel 


    Shane (Australia) ~ Beard Anchor

"If you are a stylish man with a beard Krato is a must have for upping your beard game"


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