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Translucent Silver Beard Crystal
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Translucent Silver Beard Crystal

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Crystal Collection

For those men for whom beard is precious as a diamond, Krato created limited edition of beard crystals. The star of this collection is Cubic Zirconia translucent crystal that looks like diamond in the beard.

Cubic Zirconia is a man made stone that has similar properties to a diamond; for example its hardness is 8 on Mohs scale vs. a rating of 10 for a diamond, its density is about 1.7 times that of a diamond, and it has a refractive index of 2.16 vs. 2.42 of a diamond. 

Silver finish crystal is a true luxury stone. It is also available in a 18K gold finish. Beard diamond could be worn daily, but to make the most impression it is best for a date night, a wedding, high-end party, or a red carpet event.

To better suit variety of beards, this crystal is available in 3 sizes:

Big: 8mm stone for big beard 

Medium: 6 mm stone for medium beard

Small: 4 mm stone for short beard

* size small available only in 18K gold finish

Triangular spiral twists into the beard hair and firmly holds the crystal in the beard. The spiral has been tested on variety of beards and holds strong on at least 3cm+ beard hair length. However, it is not recommended for smooth beard hair.

- Finish: 925 silver-plated

- Free worldwide shipping

- Designed and hand assembled in Italy

- Shop it on Etsy

Please note that each jewelry is hand finished in our Milan studio, therefore no two beard jewels are exactly the same - making each one special and unique.

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