Introducing Krato earring collection! A guide to wearing men’s earrings.

unique earrings for men new collection by Krato Milano

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Krato earrings!

Men’s earrings have been in style for decades. However, the selection of men’s earrings is still limited, causing men to shop for their preferred designs among women’s earrings.
We wanted to improve on this inconvenience and created a collection of earrings designed exclusively for men. Edgy and minimalistic, Krato earrings are subtle and are perfect addition to any style.

designer earrings for men Krato Milano skull studs, anchor studs, silver hoops

The collection consists of our signature designs such as skull & anchor studs and unique hoop earrings. All Krato earrings are produced from hypoallergenic and nickel free quality metals or 925 sterling silver, and plated with 18K or 24K gold.

Anchor stud silver earrings for man by Italian jewelry brand Krato Milano

The trick for pulling off an earring is simply putting it on and casually forgetting about it. There are no more guidelines for wearing an earring in a specific ear. The implications are long gone freeing men to wear a single or both earrings as a personal preference or as a style statement. For this reason, Krato earrings could be purchased as a set of 2 or as a single earring.

stylish anchor stud earrings for men - Milan street style

No matter if you already wear statement piece jewelry like rings, bracelets or necklaces, an earring is a settle personality statement that doesn’t necessary need to match the rest of the jewelry, other than the metal finish of course.

If you’d like truly unique earrings, we can produce an exclusive custom design. Simply fill the questioner on our custom design page and upload reference images of your preferred design. Upon submission we will email 3D images of earrings for your review. Once the design is approved you can place an order and we will ship your unique earrings within one month.

personalized earrings custom design jewelry Krato MilanoHistory of men’s earrings:

Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification. Hoop earrings could be traced back to Minoan Civilizations (2000-1600 BCE). Men’s and women’s earrings have been found by archeologists around the world and date back to different historical eras. Pierced ears are believed to hold cultural and religious significance and symbolized wealth and nobility. Sailors wore earrings to signify crossing of the equator.

In the 1600s European noblemen popularized earrings to showoff their status. For example the portraits of King Charles I of England, Henri III of France, William Shakespeare, Richard Burbage, etc. depict them wearing earrings.

history of men's earrings, historical portraits of male pierced earrings
For centuries afterwards man’s earrings went out of fashion and have been adopted again by the pop culture in 1980s. During that time gay men started piercing right ear to signify their sexual orientation. These implications quickly became taboo and there are no more rules for wearing a single or both earrings.
Numerous male celebrities, singers and athletes like Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jordan, and Will Smith added a cool factor to male earrings.

famous male celebrities, actors, singers, athletes, football players, who wear earrings

Thinking of getting your ears pierced? Few tips to consider:

- If you’d like to get your ear(s) pierced, choose a reputable piercing & tattoo studio with clean environment and sterile equipment

- Wait at least 4-6 weeks for the ears to heal before changing to other earring(s)

- To avoid infections or allergies, always keep your ears clean and once in a while clean them with ear cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol

hoop earrings for stylish guys 24K gold-plated made in Italy

Safety tips for changing the earrings:

- Make sure that the new earrings are made out of hypoallergenic materials such as sterling silver and gold, or quality metals plated with sterling silver or gold

- Wash your hands before taking the earrings out and replacing them with the new earrings

- Apply rubbing alcohol to a swab or a cotton ball to clean your earlobes and to disinfect new earrings